What Media Desk does for you

Media Desk is a true end-to-end media ecosystem: planning, controlling and evaluation of all your media campaigns in one tool. From briefing to booking to ad management. Say goodbye to error-prone and time-consuming planning using Excel or a multitude of booking and management tools. Your stakeholders and clients can directly access the current plan version and control approvals.

Save yourself and your team hundreds of hours with intelligent planning support, automated auditing and one-click ad management. Your entire IO and Programmatic world in one dashboard.

  • The entire paid media process across all media in one place. For all stakeholders, planners and clients.
  • Hundreds of hours less monkey jobs
  • Higher planning quality through planner-supporting algorithms
  • One-click ad management with all common ad servers and DSPs
  • Audit-proof versioning and documentation

  • Data integration of your entire media and marketing ecosystem via API – Tracking, AdServing, BI, Finance
  • Clear and flexible rights and roles concept
  • Data Guarantee: Your data remains your data, forever.
  • Promised: No more Excel!

The entire planning and activation process in your hands

Media Desk maps the entire media planning and activation process: briefing, planning, buying, ad management, reporting and financial controlling – free of redundancies, centrally controlled.



  • Targets and KPIs
  • Document Upload
  • Timings, Tasks and
    Deadline Management
  • Technical costs
  • Various fee models



  • Excel-free planning in Media Desk
  • AI support, such as media and line item suggestions, price benchmark, what-if analysis
  • Performance forecasting through machine learning
  • Maximum productivity and consistency through copy & paste, drag & drop, templates



  • All bookings generated and sent with one click
  • InBox function and all communication with publishers
  • One-click cancellation for
    plan optimisations
  • Overview of all booking statuses and confirmations


Ad Management

  • One-click ad management via AdServer API
  • Media Desk pushes line items directly into your AdServer or DSP
  • Pacing overview of all placements, automated alerts to publishers
  • Error-free ad management with minimal effort

Reporting & Controlling

Reporting & Controlling

  • Data integration of your
    AdServers and DSPs
  • Live calculation of KPIs from
    AdServer and planning data
    (e.g. RoI, CpC)
  • Reporting on the Fly
  • Agency-wide statistics and benchmarking
  • Performance history of all
    Line Items
  • Full financial controlling

Fully integrated – into your systems and the media ecosystem

Media Desk is the heart and singular database of your media planning and activation. Based on a comprehensive API, all data stored in Media Desk can also be integrated into customer systems. Furthermore, Media Desk controls the Programmatic and IO Media world for you, so that ad management is reduced to a minimum. Through existing interfaces to various backend and finance systems, financial controlling is also automated as far as possible.


Keep control
over all deployed DSP deals

Creative Asset Management

Export production plans
for your creative solution

BI Systems

Pull all the KPIs held in Media Desk into your
overall BI analyses


Control all common
AdServers via Push


Connect your financial
systems (Datev, SAP, …)

Proprietary API

Integrate data from Media Desk
into your internal systems through our
proprietary API


What makes Media Desk unique


  • Cross-agency forecast & evaluations of budgets & KPIs
  • Monitoring of publisher commitments
  • Monitoring & optimisation of complex fee structures and AVBs
  • One click auditing – all prices and volumes available live at the highest level of granularity
  • All learnings and data remain in-house: even when core staff leave the company

Director Level

  • All teams and campaigns at a glance with dashboards
  • Quick overview of campaign performance without internal queries
  • BI analysis of budgets, prices and KPIs for any clients, time periods and media on the fly
  • Clear rights and roles concept for all hierarchy levels and clients

Media Planner

  • Error-free and convenient planning thanks to numerous comfort features
  • No more Excel, no more spreadsheet-stiching
  • Smart planning support. Media Desk learns from historical data
  • Negotiation support through comprehensive price benchmarking
  • Pacing overview with automatic warning levels

IO and Ad Management

  • Integration in all common AdServers and DSPs
  • One Click Ad Management
  • One click Optimisations and cancellations
  • All communication with publishers in one place (InBox function)

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